Friday, March 12, 2010

Graphic Design DTS

Marriage of the Arts is coming!

September 4 - March 26 2011

+ + Graphic Design/Screen Printing course

For experienced designers

Basic working knowledge of Illustrator and InDesign (or Quark)
Advance knowledge of Photoshop

A few things students should already know:

} The difference between VECTOR and RASTOR images
} Basic fundamentals for designing documents for print vs. web
- (such as resolution, color mode, etc)
} How to scan
} Basic typography definitions: kerning, justification, serif, sans serif fonts

Students should bring the following:

} Laptop with Photoshop/Adobe Suite
} Digital Camera (point and shoot or DSLR)
} Flash drive/memory stick

Items that students might need during lecture:

} Blank cds or DVDs
} Glue
} Mod Podge
} Acrylic paint
} Sharpies
} Scissors
} Straight Edge

Throughout this course students will be focused on projects such as: logo design, poster design, magazine/brochure layout, photo manipulation and retouching, mixed media, and screen printing.

It is set up as more of a design internship and students should be able to perform the given tasks. Questions about the school can be sent to Stephanie.eatherly[at]

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